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Quick tips for you Chumps out there!

Do you see that sexy woman across the bar who looks like she could be Megan Fox’s sister? Do you REALLY think you could have a chance with her – even if you’re not rich and not an underwear model? The truth is that you CAN seduce any woman as long as your skills are tight enough and you actually BELIEVE you can! Read on…

How to Seduce Sexy Women (Within 10 Minutes of Meeting Them)

This is a brief guide to seducing beautiful woman you have just met. It will not be the be-all and end-all of seduction theory, but it is enough to get you on the path to great results with women.

Your Body Language

Your body language needs to reflect one thing – and one thing only: PURE and UNCHALLENGED confidence. Women are experts at reading body language – which is why most guys usually ruin their chances before they even get a chance to open their mouth! Walk with your shoulders back and your chest slightly out. Never lean into her when in conversation, and speak slightly louder than the volume of the room. When you are speaking to her – hold VERY strong eye contact. Make her believe that every word you say is the most amazing thing she is going to hear all night. Don’t be afraid to smile when she genuinely says or does something that amuses you! Just don’t walk around with a goofy smile just for the heck of it.

Be Very Playful

You need to establish a playful tone right from the beginning of the interaction. Introduce yourself and get her name. Now, when you’re speaking to her – make sure you use your name a lot. For example, most guys would say “what you are doing in Chicago?” while YOU will be saying “so, Ashley, what brings you to Chicago?”

This may seem like the same thing – but using her name introduces a sense of playfulness and familiarity to her. Secondly, you need to playfully tease her about the things she says and wears. The point is not to hurt her feelings. It is simply to amp up the sexual tension and show her you are going to be a CHALLENGE.

Physically Escalate

Right from the beginning of the interaction, you need to be slowly physically escalating. What this means is that you need to slowly get her more and more comfortable with your touch. Begin with slight touched on her arms and shoulders when you’re teasing her. And then slowly move closer to her while keeping your hand on her arms and shoulders for a few seconds longer. Physical escalation is a detailed process and it takes a little bit of practice – but once you have it down – sexy women won’t have a chance.

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